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Rise of the Masculine

Men, step into your true authentic power

There is a great awakening happening with Men on this planet. We are looking around and starting to ask the question.

What does it mean to be a man?

From a young age, we Men have been programmed to avoid feeling and expressing our emotions. The conditioning of earlier generations and society told us....

     “Harden up you pussy”

     “Be a man”

     “Only girls cry”

The result of that conditioning is now a lot of us Men are unconsciously holding onto guilt, shame, grief, resentment and rage. We have had no tools or awareness of what to do with our feelings and emotions and end up suffering the consequences through increasing levels of anxiety, depression, chronic stress, tension and pain.

Just because we were taught to suppress our feelings and emotions it doesn’t mean they have magically disappeared… No they sit in our nervous system and subconscious mind and run the show, we unconsciously create a life based on these unresolved feelings and emotions which can often result living a life of unhealthy destructive behaviours.

What’s this workshop about?

This 5 hour workshop is designed for you to let go of the shit that's been holding you back, we will build a strong brotherhood and you will gain more clarity so you can show up in the world as a truly empowered Man .

We will be exploring and using powerful techniques to release fears, suppressed emotions, traumas and limiting beliefs and with that you gain and access...

  • more confidence
  • healthier relationships
  • reduced stress
  • greater life clarity
  • freedom from social conditioning
  • healing of old wounds
  • breaking repetitive negative thought-patterns
  • understanding of self destructive behaviours
  • release of unexpressed emotions and feelings
  • increased self-worth
  • confidence to speak up and express your truth
  • connection to your inner wisdom

A big part of this workshop is a 1 hour breathwork journey. Breathwork is a game changer, it takes us directly into our sympathetic nervous system to access and release old trauma, repressed emotions and to free up the body of long held tension which gives us more freedom mentally, physically and spiritually.

Who is this workshop for?

Men from all walks of life. It doesn’t matter where you are from or what background you come from, we are all here as Men to rise up together.

Men who want to connect more authentically with themselves, partners, families and their community.

Men who are sick of the same old shit and want a new direction in life.

Men who are willing to show up for themselves and make the change by doing the work.

Men who are ready to step into the full spectrum of positive healthy masculinity.

This workshop is 5 hours in duration, limited to 12 men and will be led by Steven J Todd.

What to bring:

Yoga mat or blanket to lay on for the breathwork journey.

Pen and journal or writing material as you may want to record your experience after the breathwork.

Water and a small snack for the break.

Bring all of YOU. Every part of YOU is welcome at this workshop.

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If you have any questions please send Steven an email and he will get back to you as soon as he can. Email address is

Much respect always..... 


Men's Coach

Breathwork Practitioner

Qigong Teacher

The Fine Points


Sat, 15 February 2020

12:30 PM – 5:30 PM


Yoga Collective

21 Bath St