Private Yoga

1 on 1 Sessions

The best way to enhance your yoga practice is with 1 on 1 sessions.  Each session is catered specifically to the needs of you!  

Personalised Practice

Receive expert teaching customised to your requirements and specific needs.  Are you a beginner wanting to learn the fundamentals to get your practice correct from the start?  Are you injured or in pain and require rehabilitation?  Are you an athlete requiring a specific program to advance your training and race results?  Do regular class schedules not fit into your lifestyle?  Everyone and anyone can benefit from private tuition.  

Expert Tuition

You can be assured that your individual requirements will be catered to.  All YogaTech Teachers are experienced and qualified.

Fertility Yoga

Puberty & Menstruation

A women’s fertile life lasts less than 30 years, and these are the three decades during which women can become mothers.  From 14 years old, most women have started to ovulate and, after the age of 42, the biological possibilities to conceive naturally fall drastically.  Women’s life stages are based on the reproductive cycle, starting with puberty and menstruation, moving onto fertility and pregnancy, and ending with menopause.    


Individual and small group (max. 3 people) sessions available at a time convenient for you. 

Conception & Pregnancy

These years are not always the easiest for a lot of women.  With menstruation brings period cramps, headaches, bloating and moodiness.  Trying to conceive can put a lot of stress and strain not only on you physically and psychologically, but also on your relationship.  As women move through pregnancy, the discomfort experienced can range from uncomfortable to painful.  Finally, as a woman reaches the end of her fertile, menopause begins with many women having hot flashes, sleep disturbances, fatigue, and mood changes. 


 Prices vary from $25 per person for a group class to $75 for an individual session. 


Take charge of your fertility by embracing the curative practice of yoga with YogaTech’s Fertility sessions.  In addition to healing your mind, body and spirit, yoga will help to ensure that you make it through your fertile stages of your life.  Fertility yoga uses key poses that help to nurture, support and rebalance the endocrine and reproductive system. 


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