High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT YOGA is designed to build strength as well as burn fat. 

HIIT YOGA is a combination of high intensity interval training (HIIT) and yoga asana practice. HIIT is a popular method of exercising with bursts of intense (100 percent effort) anaerobic exercise followed by brief recovery periods. It is believed to burn fat more quickly by keeping the heart rate up, thereby requiring more oxygen during the recovery periods.

Combining yoga with HIIT adds the benefits of each physical practice, such as:

  • Less strain on knees and other joints than HIIT exercise alone
  • Provides a complete workout in less time than traditional yoga practice
  • Provides a connection with the breath through yoga, leaving the yogi in a relaxed state

HIIT YOGA runs in 4 week blocks beginning on the first Monday of each month. We meet at 9.45am every Monday, Wednesday & Friday for 30 minutes of HARD work. This class is suitable for those that have a decent fitness and yoga foundation. Class sizes will be kept small to ensure you get enough one on one instruction to get you through each interval, physically and psychologically. 



The Fine Points


4 weeks each commencing:

Block 1: 7th Oct

Block 2: 4th Nov

Mon, Wed & Fri

9.45 - 10.15am


Yoga Collective

21 Bath St, Parnell, Auckland


4 Week Block $120 (12 classes)

Maximum 6 per class