Who We are



Ally has been leading Pilates, Yoga and Yogalates classes, as well as Wellness Programs, in Auckland for almost four years. She has practiced yoga since she was a young girl growing up in Northern California. She completed her initial Yoga and Pilates training while living on the Big Island of Hawai’i in 2007.

Her passion is to bring health and wellbeing to everyone. Her classes can be leveled up for the experienced and leveled down for the novice.

Join Ally on the mat for a fun and inspiring practice!



Originally from the Gold Coast in Australia, Brooke has lived in Auckland for 16 years.  Residing in Henderson Valley with her partner, 3 sons, 3 dogs, 2 cats & pig, she now calls NZ her home. Having worked at the YMCA for about 15 years, starting out as a fitness instructor & personal trainer back in 2002, she eventually worked her way up to centre management.

Yoga has been a part of Brooke's life for about 22 years and relishes teaching a yang style of yoga; power, vinyasa and hot. She had a successful career in athletics until being overcome by injury a few years back. Discovering that yoga was the only activity that helped her with her chronic pain,  it was inevitable that she felt indebted to the yoga world and brings this sense of gratitude to every class. While trekking to Mt Everest this year, she decided to dedicate her whole career to yoga.



David is a kundalini yoga teacher from Perth, Western Australia. When he first discovered kundalini yoga, he thought, “What on Earth is this?? How is this yoga??”. Up to that point, his experience with yoga was just about stretching and perfecting his downward dog. He didn’t realize that yoga covered a much broader spectrum, especially when it came to the mind/body/soul connection. Having a curious nature, he fell down the rabbit hole of learning about the teachings of kundalini yoga. He gained a deeper understanding of its roots in ancient yogic science and how it can benefit our everyday life. 

Kundalini Yoga is a technology of changing and strengthening. It is designed to help you break through blocks physically, mentally, and emotionally by developing a strong nervous and glandular system. It also increases lung capacity, purifies the bloodstream, improves circulation, brings mental clarity, and builds core strength. This is a dynamic blend of postures, breath, music and meditation that is suitable for all levels. 



Greg's journey with yoga and meditation began in 2009 alongside his performing career as an actor in New York City. Overwhelmed by the emotions that came along with constant auditioning and dealing with rejection, he searched for a way out of the negative self-talk and feelings of disconnection. A friend and Kundalini Yoga instructor introduced him to the practice and he was immediately hooked. This was a way of physically confronting unwanted emotions in a safe environment that lead to noticeable results.  

Greg got his first taste of teaching when he was performing for Disney Cruise Line and was asked to step in for the outgoing yoga instructor.Teaching students from all over the world and all walks of life, he realized the universality of our desire for deeper connection with our bodies, minds, and each other. Ever since, he has been passionate about sharing the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits that he has received from these practices.With over 600 hours of training and many more hours of instructing under his belt, Greg has been teaching for the last 5 years in Australia and the United States. New to Auckland from the United States, Greg brings his passion for connection, humor, storytelling, music, spirituality, and community into all of his classes.  Specializing in Kundalini, Vinyasa, Yin, and Hatha yoga, Greg is the spiritual teacher who will connect you to your inner joy through yoga, breath, chanting, and meditation. 



Adventurous, creative, unique, global, charitable, energetic LJ. Lauren's objective, after 17 years in the yoga industry, is to help as many people as possible to elevate their consciousness and well-being and ultimately fulfill their potential through the practices of yoga, life coaching, and mindfulness. 

As an ex competitive athlete in athletics, cross-country, triathlon and duathlon, and high performing trail runner, as well as a senior corporate leader, Lauren knows how to use yoga to drive performance too. Yin has become a favourite discipline to practice and teach as she has sought more balance in her life and she loves helping others find this restoration too.Lauren is excited to be able to combine forces with this amazing group of teachers to elevate YogaTech to the next level and build a true yoga and teaching community. With a deep experience in vinyasa and yin teaching, along with life coaching, her classes will far exceed your expectations. 



Although Melissa was introduced to yoga in the womb, was raised in the world of alternative health, & has been teaching since 2001, she is new to Auckland. Melissa handed over her Wellington studio a few years ago and went on a walkabout to question & renew.

She's delighted to return to weekly teaching & to share these practices with you that she has been exploring for decades. Her aim is to empower you to empower yourself, and to embody your strength and grace in this lifetime. Individual evolution and liberation are key drivers in how Melissa teaches. She encourage you to make MYOGA your yoga, as you cultivate your freedom to unfold. 



Shannon hails from Dallas, Texas, and it was while at university in South Carolina studying psychology that she first discovered yoga in 2008. Shortly after she moved to Santa Cruz, California to delve deeper into her practice by participating in Mark Stephen’s 200-hour yoga teacher training and in-depth studies program.

Upon completion, she obtained her Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. She has taught yoga at Amsa Yoga & Mindfulness Practice Center, in Sydney, and eventually in Auckland for the past 4 years. Shannon completed her 500-hour training in beautiful Bali in July 2016 which led to assisting yoga teacher trainings there as well.

For Shannon, the practice of yoga offers a sense of being grounded, light, and present. "The yoga mat offers a true journey inwards, a place for self discovery and a tuning into the present moment."