Class Descriptions

Crescent lunge pose (Anjaneyasana) in Flow classes at Yogatech Collective in Auckland, New Zealand


A therapeutic dance of moving meditation. This dynamic style of yoga is a coordinated, breath-to-movement sequence aimed at opening and strengthening the body and mind.

Intensity Level

Dynamic: Hard

Flow: Medium - Hard 

Slow Flow: Light - Medium



A perfect blend of yoga styles and disciplines to create an holistic mind, body and soul yoga experience. A great practice that can help you build muscle and stamina while teaching you to relax and focus. 

Intensity Level

Seasons: Medium

Yin Yang / Fusion: Medium

Basics: Light - Medium

Restores: Light



A deeply meditative, thoughtful practice of longer held floor poses that passively stretch tissues around the joints to regulate energy flow and release tension. Options include Yin, Myofascial Yin and Candlelight Yin.

Intensity Level