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Freedom To Be Breathwork Workshop

Heal yourself with your own breath

Come along for this 3 hour breathwork workshop where we will be going on a journey to heal ourselves with the power of our own breath.

About this event.

Breathwork is a healing modality that is taking the world by storm. Why? Because it is so effective! It allows people to heal themselves through the power of their own breath. Breathwork is a powerful way to release old energies, memories and tensions from the body and mind. 

How does it work?

By laying down and relaxing the whole body listening to a soundtrack journey we breathe in a conscious connected rhythm. This breathwork practice is inhaling and exhaling with an open mouth, t is a circular breathing pattern with no pause between the inhale and exhale. Throughout the session you will be guided into a non ordinary state of consciousness using the breath to access parts of yourself that is usually outside of your daily awareness. During the session the sympathetic nervous system will be activated to access those deeper layers of the body and mind to release stuck energy which can lead to more freedom in the body. In this non ordinary state of consciousness the subconscious mind may bring old memories and old beliefs to the surface to be healed which can result in more inner peace and clarity.

Group breathwork sessions are very powerful and profound. Together we unlock emotions, traumas and energy that has been suppressed so we can feel, heal and reclaim our true power. For more information about breathwork, how it works and if this is for you click here

*Please note this is not Wim Hoff breathing there are no pauses or breath retention throughout the breathwork journey.

The Fine Points


Sat, 7 March 2020

1 - 4 pm


Yoga Collective

21 Bath St



$80 + booking fee

Breathwork is helpful for:



Trauma release

Connecting to and strengthening intuition

Gaining clarity

Stress relief

Releasing grief, anger & resentment

Connecting to old stuck emotions

Forgiving the past

Gaining body awareness

Breathing problems

Restrictions in the body

and so many more benefits

This breathwork workshop is for…

Men and women 16 years and over who have an open mind and are willing to show up for themselves and put in the work.

Breathwork is not for…

Pregnant women.

What to bring:

Yoga mat and or blanket to lay down on.

Journal or writing material to record your experience afterwards (optional).

Water bottle and water.

Wear loose comfortable clothing.

For further information please click here

If you have any questions please send Steven an email and he will get back to you as soon as he can. Email address is

Much love and respect.....



Check out this great video

**No refunds for this event but if for some chance you cannot make it on the day someone else is more than welcome to attend with your ticket**

In purchasing this ticket to attend this Freedom To Be workshop, I agree to:

*The assumption of risk - I am aware that certain health conditions may restrict my participation including contraindications such as epilepsy or history of seizures, severe mental illness issues, diabetes, heart conditions, pregnancy, medication, high blood pressure, acute physical injuries, severe asthma etc. I have consulted my doctor if I have any of these conditions and have been cleared by my doctor to attend this workshop

*Participation at Freedom To Be workshop at my own risk. I assume the risk of any injury physical or mental I may suffer. This includes damage sustained while within the event facility.

*To allow photographs and/or video recordings to be taken of me, to be published, or otherwise used by Steven J Todd on his internet websites, in printed materials, and on social media platforms (such as Facebook or Instagram) and waive copyrights and rights to compensation for this.