Beyond the Cusp

Mother Daughter Period Workshop

Do you struggle with how to talk to your children about puberty?

Don’t know where to start or feel too awkward?

Do you want your daughters to feel comfortable about the changes they are going through?

Beyond The Cusp workshops have two goals:

1. To prepare our girls for all the need to know about the first period and menstrual cycle, and how to embrace it all as part of becoming a woman.
2. To honour this Rite of Passage for our daughters as they transition from a child to a young woman.

It is for Mothers and Daughters aged 9-12 celebrating menarche (first bleed).  Teaching our girls how to embrace their periods. No shame, no secrecy, no more taboo! 

The day will be a very hands-on, involving all the senses. 

Our day workshop consists of two parts. The first session will be for just the girls, with the Mums joining us in the second session. Girls will arrive at 11:45, with the mums arriving at 1:30 for lunch and the rest of the day. We will finish around 4pm.

After the conclusion of the workshop you will have the chance to have a mini portrait session with your daughter to commemorate this moment with a professional photographer.  Each mini session will take 10 minutes, and the session fee is $45.  You will receive a gallery of 5-10 images from your session, of which you will receive one 7×12 print, and have the option to purchase more.

Prior to the workshop you will receive a questionnaire to complete. You will also receive some tips and info on what to expect from the workshop, what will and won’t be covered and some further info that may assist in the future.

Each girl will take home a gift pack with samples and items to help get them off to the most positive start.


11:45am – Girls arrive for the first session 

– Hot chocolate!
– The female anatomy and the changes we go through during puberty
– What happens when we bleed
– Menstrual product options, with an emphasis on sustainable and non-toxic options.
– The inner seasons of the menstrual cycle
– How to take good care of ourselves throughout our entire cycle, with lots of tips for those first few days
– Charting your menstrual cycle
– All mixed in with games, giggles and crafting activities

1:45pm – Mums Join for the second session

– Light refreshments
– A recap of the morning including an overview of menstrual products
– Mums sharing their stories and having special time with their girls
– Ideas for celebrating menarche

3:45pm – Completion of workshop

3:45pm – Portrait sessions commence (this is an optional extra, can be added at checkout)

The Fine Points


Sat, 7th Sepember

11.45am - 4pm 


Yoga Collective

21 Bath St, Parnell, Auckland


Workshop $160 (Mother & Daughter)

Portrait Session $45