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Ārepa Breathwork Exercise Workshop

'The new yoga' with Steven J Todd

Pioneered in the west by the likes of Rick Strassman and picked up by thought-leaders such as Tim Ferris and Joe Rogan, Breathwork is dubbed 'the new yoga' as an exercise and healing modality that is taking the world by storm.

Back again by popular demand and a sold-out event in 2019, join Ārepa and Breathwork Coach Steven Todd for a 3-hour session experiencing this exciting new exercise first hand.

Breathwork allows people to refresh themselves through the power of their own breath. More and more people are looking for holistic ways to gain better mental health and deep inner peace. Breathwork is a powerful and interesting way of releasing old energies, memories and tensions in the body and mind. This results in more freedom and clarity to move forward in life.

All tickets include one bottle of Ārepa and a poké bowl by YEAHBOWL.

What to bring:
- Yoga mat and or blanket to lay down on.
- Journal or writing material to record your experience afterwards (optional).
- Water bottle and water.
- Wear loose comfortable clothing.

How to prepare:

Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of the workshop. Doors will open at 12:30 ready for a prompt start shortly after. With breathwork, you neither want to be too hungry or too full so please eat the right amount of food for you before you come to the workshop. If you have any questions please email

More information:
Learn more about breathwork here

This workshop is for 16 years and over.

This workshop is not for Pregnant women.

Breathwork is considered generally safe however please consult your doctor first If you wish to attend the workshop and have any of these conditions:
- Severe asthma
- Heart conditions
- Severe mental illness issues
- Epilepsy or history of seizures
- Acute physical injuries
- Severe diabetes

The Fine Points


Sat, 25 Jan 2020 

Sun, 26 Jan 2020

12.30 - 3.30 pm


Yoga Collective

21 Bath St



Early Bird $80 (ends January 19th)
General Admission $90