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We provide authentic movement for EVERYBODY. Mind, Body and Soul

About Yogatech 

Yogatech is the spot to come and move your body for this modern life!  You do NOT have to be flexible or fabulous to stretch your body out here.  There is a class on our schedule that will suit your level and ability.  We are no fancy frills – just keeping it real on the Yoga Scene.. doing what we do best.. YOGA!

We have a talented team of teachers and inspirers that will help you on your YOGA journey.  We are everything Yoga and love to share our passion with everyone..

If you have any doubts or concerns you on the way to your journey we are your go-to people.  Welcome to OUR community!  Sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook or Instagram to know what’s going on.

Welcome to Yogatech…..We are everything YOGA, no frills and no fancy pants here!

Mat Hire:  We have Manduka Pro-Lite mats for your use.  They are $2 to hire either with a gold coin or added to your transactions.

Contact Information

21 Bath Street,
(09) 889 8049


Parking: Please allow time to park during the day, as we are not allocated any parks for students in the parking area out front.  There is one hour free parking on Bath St, Earle St and Parnell Rise.  Two hours free parking on lower part of Parnell Road.  From 5.00pm we can use the parks out front that are not marked 24/7 towaway (yay).

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